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Prospector - Handheld XRF

ElvaX ProSpector 3 is the next-generation hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyzer. It offers a newlevel of analysis accuracy, speed and detection limits. ProSpector 3 is the smallest and lightest handheld XRF on the market with an intuitive and user-friendly software interface. Unique processing algorithms allow to analyze various types of materials including alloys, ores, soils, plastics, automotive catalysts etc.

User advantages:

  • 1.Worlds fastest XRF analyzer (throughput above 350 000 cps – more than twice as fast as any otherhandheld XRF) – highest accuracy within the shortest measurement time, excellent precision

  • 2.World’s smallest (236 х 193 х 68 mm), and lightest (1.25 kg) handheld analyzer – easy to operate

  • 3.Dustproof and waterproof instrument body, with IP-68 protection level – ProSpector 3 can be operated even under water!

  • 4.Automatic collimator changer for small spot analysis of jewelry, welds etc.

  • 5. Folding display – for easy operation in the lab stand without connecting to a PC

  • 6.Highest mobility – up to 16 hours of autonomous operation on a single battery charge, hot battery swap

  • 7.Excellent calibration stability, compensation of influence of ambient temperature and pressure variations – no need to spend time for calibration

  • 8.Two CCD cameras for macro- and micro- view

Prospector - Handheld XRF

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