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Presenting Spectrometry Solutions for True Trace Analysis with TXRF : S2 PICOFOX

LABINDIA has extended its hand to make a new Business Partner-Bruker Nano GmbH to promote their
Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) suitable for the multiple element analysis of different kinds of sample-Solids, liquids & powders in the shortest time.

The S2 PICOFOX uses the principles of XRF to detect trace elements in liquid down to 0.1ppb. And in contrast to the most analytical methods, ng to μg samples amounts are sufficient for quantitative results. The Design allows mobile use for on-site /in field analysis and also, it works without expensive consumables, gases or liquid nitrogen.

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Introducing Spinsolve: NMR Spectrometer

Labindia announces Magritek, New Zealand, a leading renowned name in the NMR sector as its new Business partner to promote their Fastest, Compact, Sensitive, Cryogen Free Spectrometer : Model Spinsolve.

SpinsolveTM is a Bench Top, High resolution NMR spectrometer which ushers a new experience to NMR technology in Chemistry Labs. So Don't waste time waiting for results when you can have them immediately. Come, Experience the Speed: Spinsolve.

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