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Labindia Analytical Instruments Pvt Ltd was started in 1981, and promoted by a group of committed and visionary technocrats, engineers and professionals. Today Labindia is one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and exporters of analytical instruments in India,We exports Our instruments like dissolution apparatus, pH meters, conductivity meter, titrators etc. which find application in almost all the Industries... Read more >

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  • Tablet-Dissolution-Systems
    Labindia DS 14000 with piston SMART: provides great versatility and configurability. It fulfils all requirements relating to ASTM & FDA Mechanical Calibration. [...]

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  • Disintegration tester is intended to demonstrate the effective break-up (complete powder formation) of the solid formulation [...]

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  • Tablet-Hardness-Tester
    Advance Micro-controller based user-friendly state-of-the-art product design with alphanumeric keyboard [...]

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  • Spectrophotometer
    Double Beam Optical System with 1200 l/mm grating having low stray light and the optimized design to ensure higher measurement accuracy of the instrument [...]

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  • Titrator
    Imported burette assembly of various sizes (5/10/25 ml) with NIST traceability [...]

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  • pH-and-Conductivity-Meter
    Advanced micro-controller based user friendly state-of-the-art design. [...]

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  • Melting-Range-Apparatus
    State-of-the-art design, suitable for white as well as coloured samples in powdered form [...]

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