Eclipse Professional Grade Optical Hand Held Refractometer
Handheld Digital Refractometer

Manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality optical components and the most modern manufacturing practices, the Eclipse refractometer is the ultimate optical handheld refractometer on the market today. A comprehensive choice of scale types offers versatility across a wide application scope from testing fruit ripeness in the field to monitoring industrial fluids in harsh machine shop environments. Eclipse refractometers have a number of unique features and are supplied complete with a foam carry case, instruction manual and a Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to International standards.

They are ideal for use in many industries like food and beverage, analytical Laboratory and industrial.

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Standard Features of Eclipse Professional Grade Optical Hand Held Refractometer
  • All metal construction.
  • Rubber handgrip for insulation.
  • Robust ergonomics for easy handling.
  • Anti-roll supports.
  • High precision, clear scale.
  • Sample ‘dribble’ feed.
  • Zero adjust with lock.
  • Push on prism flap.
  • Ideal for hot & cold samples.
  • Serial numbered.
  • Certificate of Calibration from UKAS, UK.
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