Microwave Synthesis Discover System

CEM - Microwave Based Scientific Instruments

The Discover® SP is a powerful microwave synthesizer for performing a wide range of organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry. The system features a best-in-class 300 mL single-mode microwave cavity, allowing for extremely flexible reaction vessel sizes, in both pressurized and open vessel modes.

Microwave technology is rapidly becoming a common tool in manufacturing quality control processes, chemical analysis, and the synthesis of therapeutic drugs. This faster, greener, and more efficient technology has enabled scientists in academia and industry to realize shorter reaction times, improve yield, and access new chemical space as compared to conventional synthetic methods. Microwaves have also been successfully integrated into over 1,000 academic laboratories; many institutions are incorporating microwave-assisted experiments into their teaching and research labs as a way to expand course curriculums and introduce green chemistry principles to students early in their academic careers.


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Microwave Synthesis Discover System
Standard Features of CEM Microwave Synthesis Discover System
  • Ample power (0-300W) for a broad range of syntheses.
  • Austomated pressure device with ActiVent™ technology - the safest pressure relief mechanism.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 435 psi (30 bar).
  • Runs sequential syntheses in easy to assemble pressurized vessels.
  • Runs reflux reactions using standard glassware (5-125 mL round bottom flasks).
  • Volume-independent IR temperature control - reduces the number of vial sizes needed!
  • Variable stirring speeds and compressed air cooling.
  • System control from easy-to-use Synergy™ software or on-board keypad.
  • Fully customizable with a variety of accessories.
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