Tablet Friability Tester
Tablet Friability Tester

The lab in the pharmaceutical company conducts the friability test in order to determine the durability of the tablet during the process of packaging and transportation. Friability test requires that the tablet samples are dropped in the tester at a regular interval over a specified time. Tablet Friability Tester is used for conducting this test which also helps in identifying the quality concerns of uncoated tablets.

The pharmaceutical industry widely uses LabIndia's Tablet Friability Tester, which is developed as per the USP, IP and other Pharmacopoeias specifications. The equipment after the completion of every cycle automatically discharges tablet samples into the individual sample tray hence saving time of the researcher.

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Standard Features of Tablet Friability Tester
  • Meets current specifications of USP, IP and other Pharmacopoeias.
  • Offers a count and time mode.
  • Automatic discharge of the of the sample into individual sample tray after completion of each cycle.
  • 10┬░ tilting of drums as per USP recommendation for odd shaped tablets.
  • Easy front loading system.
  • Supports friability drum and abrasion drum.
  • Calculation of friability - percentage weight-loss.
  • Balance interface for sample weight transfer.