Tablet Friability Tester FT 1020

Friability Test Apparatus

Labindia Friability tester is designed as per USP/EP/JP standards. The unit is equipped with two transparent acrylic drums which rotate at a speed of 25RPM as per pharmacopeia. Friability tester allows the programming of specific time interval or set number of counts/rotations. Display indicates either the elapsed time or the revolution count as per selected method. The program also allows the weights to be entered for further calculations.

The friability tester drums do not have to be removed and opened for loading, after completing of a test run, the samples are automatically discharge into a sample tray located under the drums. There is a balance interface for sample weight transfer and any standard weighing balance can be connected.

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Tablet Friability Tester FT 1020
Standard Features of Tablet Friability Tester
  • Meets current specifications of USP, IP and other Pharmacopoeias.
  • Offers a count and time mode.
  • Automatic discharge of the of the sample into individual sample tray after completion of each cycle.
  • 10° tilting of drums as per USP recommendation for odd shaped tablets.
  • Easy front loading system.
  • Supports friability drum and abrasion drum.
  • Calculation of friability - percentage weight-loss.
  • Balance interface for sample weight transfer.