Fungilab New Evo Series
Fungilab Viscometer

EVO Series Rotational Viscometer provides rapid measurements of medium viscosity samples. When testing in accordance with ASTM D4402 and AASHTO T316 standards, the LP-35 measurements can be used to determine mixing and compaction temperatures of asphalt and estimate binder flow, mix, and performance characteristics in varying climatic conditions. A rotating spindle is placed in asphalt binder heated to precisely controlled temperatures using the LPA-42 Thermosphere Set. The spindle torque and speed are then used to measure the binder’s apparent viscosity.

Viscosity is of great interest to manufacturers of liquids, slurries and pastes and it is a critical characteristic of foods, paints, cleaners and hundreds of other specific sample materials. Thus, the industries we serve are as versatile and diverse as the products i.e oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, nutraceuticals, paints, inks and coatings, cosmetics, asphalt and paper coatings.

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  • Data displayed:
    Selected speed r.p.m., Selected spindle SP, Viscosity reading cP (mPa·s) or cSt, Percentage of full scale %, Sample temperature oC or oF, Shear Rate (with coaxial spindles) SR (s - 1), Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) SS (N/m2), Density (introduced by the user) g/cm3.
  • Viscosity reading:
    Dynamic viscosity (cP or mPa·s) or kinematics viscosity (cSt).
  • Unit converter SI to CGS.
  • Program Features:
    Time to torque & Time to stop, 9 Working Memories, Customizable speed options, Multistep, Ramp.
    Automatic internal viscometer checking.
    Full scale range for combination spindle speed.
  • Temperature reading by PT100.
  • User-enabled viscosity and temperature calibration.
  • 10 language options.
Fungilab - Viscometer