Fungilab New Evo Series
Fungilab Viscometer

Fungilab Evo Series for advance performance and multifuctional viscosity measurements. New features for your viscosity measurements with the new Evo Series : Colour TFT screen, for easy readings and fast data recognition, New intuitive Full Touch key pad : select your data in one touch, Light-up Led : unit guides you to the proper functionality, New USB connection : Type A 2.0 generation for downloading data to your PC, Wi-Fi : integrated in system for easy control and access to your measurements, Optional : FSP System

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  • Data displayed:
    Selected speed r.p.m., Selected spindle SP, Viscosity reading cP (mPa·s) or cSt, Percentage of full scale %, Sample temperature oC or oF, Shear Rate (with coaxial spindles) SR (s - 1), Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) SS (N/m2), Density (introduced by the user) g/cm3.
  • Viscosity reading:
    Dynamic viscosity (cP or mPa·s) or kinematics viscosity (cSt).
  • Unit converter SI to CGS.
  • Program Features:
    Time to torque & Time to stop, 9 Working Memories, Customizable speed options, Multistep, Ramp.
    Automatic internal viscometer checking.
    Full scale range for combination spindle speed.
  • Temperature reading by PT100.
  • User-enabled viscosity and temperature calibration.
  • 10 language options.
Fungilab - Viscometer