Fungilab V-Pad
Fungilab Viscometer

V-PAD Rotational Viscometer provides rapid measurements of medium viscosity samples. When testing in accordance with ASTM D4402 and AASHTO T316 standards, the LP-37 measurements can be used to determine mixing and compaction temperatures of asphalt and estimate binder flow, mix, and performance characteristics in varying climatic conditions. A rotating spindle is placed in asphalt binder heated to precisely controlled temperatures using the LPA-42 Thermosphere Set. The spindle torque and speed are then used to measure the binder’s apparent viscosity.

Key Markets are oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, nutraceuticals, paints, inks and coatings, cosmetics, asphalt and paper coatings.

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  • Data Displayed :
    Selected speed : RPM, S-1
    Viscosity Reading : cP, P, mPa.s, Pa.s, cST, St, mm2/s
    Full Scale Percentage : %
    Sample Temp. : °C / °F
    Shear Rate (SR)* : S-1
    Shear Stress (SS)* : N/m2, Pa, Dyne/m2
    Density (Introduced by the user) : g/cm3, Kg/m3
    Only with coaxial spindles / L2C +L3C
  • Viscosity reading:
    Dynamic viscosity (cP or mPa·s) or kinematics viscosity (cSt).
  • Program:
    Create and edit multiple programs Store programs for later use. Choose between Time to Torque (TTT), Time to Stop (TTS), Step and Ramp.
  • Customisation:
    Create list of customised speed (0.01 to 250rpm), Activate / deactivate Quality Control Limits (QCL) and Out of range alarms, Users can change the axis values on the graphic display.
    Automatic viscometer calibration with sound and visual malfunction alarm.
    Displays the maximum viscosity range for the selected spindle / RPM combination.
  • Tablet:
    Access all parameters on the 8-inch tablet. Free mobile application available through Google Play Store.
  • Languages:
    Multiple Language selections are available.
  • QCL:
    Select the quality control limits for sample analysis.
  • I.A.M:
    Measurement update rate regulated through the selection of the different times in each experiment.
  • Graphic Mode:
    Displays experiment data with real time charts.
  • Calibration:
    User-enabled viscosity and temperature calibration
  • Offset:
    Adjust the temperature through an offset.
  • PPR:
    The Push, Plug and Release (PPR) fast spindle switch system is available as an option.
  • Accessories:
    The V-PAD is compatible with all available accessories (APM, AMP/B, LCP, LCP/B, HELDEL).
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