Tablet 24 Point Carousel
Tablet Hardness Tester

In pharmaceutical industries, Hardness Tester is extensively used as a part of their Research and Development and quality control measures. The hardness tester aids in identifying the changes in the structural integrity of the tablet when it goes through the strain of storage, transportation, packaging, delivery and handling. LabIndia has manufactured a range of tablet hardness tester with state-of-the-art product design; 24 Point Carousel is one of the products in this range.
The 24 Point Carousel automatically measures the essential parameters of the tablets like the thickness, width, length/diameter and hardness. This tablet hardness tester enables the user to test 20 tablets in a single run which is one of the requirements in the Pharmacopeia. The tablet hardness tester has a large non-volatile data storage memory which stores up to 99 methods along with the user results and validation data. The print reports of the results, program methods and validation or calibration data are all compliant with the GLP specifications.

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Standard Features of 24 Point Carousel
  • Advance Micro-controller based user-friendly state-of-the-art product design with Alphanumeric keyboard.
  • 24 Position Carousel for Automatic measurement of tablet parameters- Width, Thickness, Length/Diameter & Hardness. It fulfills the Pharmacopeial requirement of 20 tablet testing in single run.
  • The built in Sweeping blades cleans the tablet path for removal of broken pieces, debris and dust.
  • Large Non-Volatile data storage memory: 99 methods, Users Result and Validation data.
  • Automatic run can be performed continuously up to 1 - 99 tablets. RUN can be re-started on power failure or on System Reset with last run parameters.
  • Two Tier - a] ADMIN, and b] USER password protection for method editing and Validation.
  • Validation/Calibration protocol with verification for Hardness - 3 point Load Cell calibration with Standard weights, Width/Length/Diameter & 3 point Thickness Calibration with Standard thickness gauges.
  • GLP complaint print reports of Results, Program methods & Validation/Calibration data with built-in Parallel port printer interface.
  • Built in dual RS 232 C interface for data transfer for PC & Balance for Sample Tablet weight transfer.
Tablet Hardness Tester