Smart Wash M3
Laboratory Glassware Washer

The Smart Wash M3 is one of the finest laboratory glassware washers from the range of the glassware washer manufactured by LabIndia. Glassware washer is one of the most effective, efficient and essential equipment required in every laboratory in order to clean the glassware meticulously and thereby making the glassware ready for contamination-free experiments.

The Smart Wash M3 laboratory glassware washer has a capacity of 308 L with a steam condenser for cleaning the glassware efficiently. This laboratory glassware washer helps in cleaning and drying all type of vessels used in a laboratory irrespective the type of materials used to make the laboratory vessels. The washing chamber is made up of stainless steel, and an automatic sliding down glass door is attached to the washer enabling it to give high visibility.

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Standard Features of Laboratory Glassware Washer Smart Wash M3
  • High visibility, automatic sliding down full glass door.
  • Washing chamber in 316L stainless steel.
  • High Flow - 600 L/min.
  • Capacity 308L.
  • High efficiency steam condenser.
  • Ethernet connection available.
Laboratory Glassware Washer