Spinsolve Carbon
Magritek Spinsolve Benchtop

60 MHz carbon benchtop NMR The Spinsolve 60 Carbon benchtop NMR spectrometer gives you a remarkable 60 MHz NMR spectrometer in a compact benchtop instrument. The spectrometer is capable of a wide range of 1 H, 19F, and 13C NMR experiments. The software is beautiful and easy for anyone to use. You can also quickly automate running multiple experiments with flexible scripting.

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  • 1D and 2D NMR experiments
  • 1 H , 19F and 13C nuclei
  • No spinning or compressed gas
  • Compact, benchtop size and weight
  • No cryogens
  • Research laboratories
  • Industrial QA/QC laboratories
  • Undergraduate education
Magritek - Benchtop NMR