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Spinsolve ULTRA NMR Spectrometer is ideal to study biochemical processes like fermentation.

Spinsolve ULTRA Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

The Spinsolve 80 ULTRA is ideal to study biochemical processes like fermentations. The high sensitivity of the 80 MHz model makes it possible to detect metabolites produced at sub millimolar concentrations in just minutes. In this particular example, solvent suppression was combined with carbon decoupling to eliminate the carbon satellites of the NMR signals of ethanol produced during the fermentation process.

The Spinsolve 80 ULTRA device was used in combination with our reaction monitoring software package to follow the course of a reaction on-line and also to determine its stereochemical outcome. As an example, the well-known Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction (HWE reaction) was carried out.The HWE reaction was essentially developed to form the E-diastereoisomer as the reaction product in favour of the corresponding

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Features of Spinsolve 80 MHz
  • 1H frequency: 80 MHz (Also available in 43 and 60 MHz) 1H and 19F in all system + X nucleus for dual channel systems
  • Resolution Ultra:
    less than 0.25 Hz (50 %) / less than 10 Hz (0.55%) / less than 20 Hz (0.11%)
  • Highest Sensitivity: 200:1 (Dual channel for 1% Ethyl Benzene)
  • Now available with PFG gradients
  • No cryogens
  • Lock: Fast automatic lock
  • Unparalleled stability
  • No need for deuterated solvents
  • Suitable for on-line reaction monitoring
  • Easy to operate
  • Compatible with automatic sample changer
  • Dimensions: 58 x 43 x 40 cm (23” x 17” x 16”)
  • Weight: 72.5 kg (160 lb)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 18° C to 28° C (65° F to 82° F)
  • Stray Field: < 2>
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