Visual Melting Range Apparatus (MR-Vis)
Melting Range Apparatus

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Standard Features of Visual Melting Range Apparatus (MR-Vis)
  • State-of-the-art design, suitable for white as well as coloured samples in powdered form.
  • Instrument can detect melting range as well as melting point of various types of samples.
  • Magnified image of the sample can be viewed on a video monitor screen via CCD camera which helps observe physical changes.
  • GLP compliant printout with sample name, ID No., date, time etc. for authentication.
  • Calibration Mode - Built-in calibration facility for two-point auto calibration with USP standards.
  • Password protection for calibration mode.
  • Compliance with USP melting range procedure as per Class - I A & EP Method 2.2.60.
  • Graphical report of temperature v/s. light units with indications for start of melting & end of melting.
  • Can also detect the melting range as well as melting point of decomposed samples, as well as waxy and polymer samples.
  • Patented design.
  • Onscreen Parameter/ Result display facility(Optional).