Digital Polarimeter

LAB Digipol

Labindia Analytical Polarimeter – Model Digipol is a single wavelength polarimeter with low maintenance LED light source, available with Peltier temperature control.

This is a general-purpose single wavelength digital polarimeter suitable for sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The model uses standard ICUMSA polarimeter tube with a maximum length of 200mm.It is more safe and compact. Comes with Modern data management software, fulfilling GLP, ALCOA (21 CFR,Part II). Low volume samples are also catered for with the addition of stainless steel, leur taper tubes.

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Standard Features of LAB Digipol Digital Polarimeter
  • Peltier Model
  • ±90° measuring range
  • Up to 200mm tube length
  • 8 inches touch screen, color LCD
  • Temperature display
  • Temperature compensation
  • USB interfaces
  • Conforms to USP/EP/BP/JP (@589nm)