Carbolite Gero - Laboratory Ashing Furnace AAF - 3 & 7 litres

One of the most common applications for laboratory chamber furnaces is to heat combustible samples in order to analyse the resulting ash residue. As there is no single solution for all requirements, Carbolite Gero offers a range of ashing furnaces with characteristics tailored to ashing and burn-off applications. The Retsch Carbolite Gero Laboratory Ashing Furnace range is designed specifically to provide optimum ashing conditions to ensure complete combustion of the sample. 

Retsch laboratory ashing furnace are used in research laboratories, pilot plants and manufacturing sites worldwide.

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Carbolite Gero - Laboratory Ashing Furnace AAF - 3 and 7 litres
Standard Features of Carbolite Gero - Laboratory Ashing Furnace
  • 1100 °C maximum operating temperatures.
  • Carbolite Gero 301 controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer.
  • Large floor area allows for large numbers of samples.
  • Ideal for ashing foods, plastics, coal & other hydrocarbon materials.
  • Designed to comply with ISO 1171:2010, ASTM D3174-04:2010 and ASTM D4422.
  • Wire elements are protected from chemical & mechanical damage by a hard wearing alumina based liner.
  • 4 sided heating (2 sides, roof & hearth).
  • Air inlet & tall chimney give airflow of 4 to 5 changes per minute.
  • Low chamber height holds airflow close to samples for optimum combustion.
  • Powerful elements with graded winding compensate for heat loss due to high airflow.
  • Preheating of air before it enters the chamber gives excellent uniformity Sample tray and loading handle.