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Ethernet Data Capturing Software EDC 21

Ethernet Data Capturing Software EDC 21

EDC 21 connects 8 nos. Labindia make instruments via 8nos. RE-01 Ethernet modules based on advance Ethernet technology. Data from all 8 instruments is captured on a single PC simultaneously i.e. Centralized collection of data. It is Single license software, Multi Instrument – Multi User concept.

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Features Of EDC 21
  • Very easy to use and user friendly.
  • No. of User = 100 (max)
  • All 8 users can work simultaneously.
  • Single Click Preview – for Result Data File.
  • Single Click Status – To check connectivity status of the instrument i.e. IP address and status.
  • Built-in File Sorting function – on File name, User ID, Identification no. & Date created.
  • Search function for record based on File name, User ID, Identification / Batch number & Date of creation.
  • Data Export - to Microsoft word or Excel file.
  • PDF report file can be created through print option using Pdf writer.
  • Soft key Licensing technology for Registration & Activation. No External hardware (dongle) is required for licensing of the software.
Authentication & Data security features
  • All operations required login with unique name and password combination.
  • User authentication is performed for each and every operation done by user.
  • Variable password length. (Min 4 to max 10, Blank is accepted).
  • Privilege settings by ADMIN only. Separate User account Window for setting the privileges and is only accessible by ADMIN.
  • Captured data is automatically stored in different files with date and time stamp as file name as default rule.
  • Can not edit, delete or modify data file through software.
  • File is tagged with the respective user name, who has captured it.
  • Deleting the User from the User list will not destroy the captured data by that user.
  • File over write not allowed with same File Name.
  • Instrument Name wise Separate folder/path (default) for each device configured. Received/captured data gets stored into respective file paths of the instruments automatically. If needed user can configure the path as required