Dual Beam UV-VIS 2002XE Spectrophotometer (XENON LAMP)
Dual Beam Spectrophotometer

Provide the best wavelength coverage across the working range of the spectrometer for consistently high performance. The high-energy Xenon flash lamp is active only when spectrum is being acquired and provides years of worry-free operation and low cost of ownership. The major benefit afforded by fluorescence detection is the inherent high sensitivity of the technique coupled with outstanding specificity. UV-VIS 2002XE  is designed to meet high requirement for precision measurement in the research and production of organic chemistry, biochemistry, medical testing, food testing, environmental protection, water testing industry, etc. The latest system and long optical system ensure high accuracy and good stability of the instrument. It is the best choice of high quality spectrophotometer.

At Lab India, we manufacture state-of-the-art Spectrophotometers ranging from fully automatic ones to UV-VIS Spectrophotometers. The spectrometer is a highly flexible, versatile and high-quality instrument that is carefully crafted for the modern laboratory.

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Standard Features of Dual Beam UV-VIS 2002XE Spectrophotometer (XENON LAMP)
  • Photometry Measurement
    Measure absorbance and transmission at any defined wavelength.
  • Multi – Wavelength Measurement
    Measure absorbance and transmission at multiple wavelength and analyze the results by built-in methods
  • Time Scanning
    Determine absorbance at any time interval and defined wavelength.
  • Kinetics
    Determine absorbance at any time interval and defined wavelength. It can be used to monitor real time enzyme reaction and calculate enzyme activity according to the results. The reaction rates of samples can be calculated by setting the interval time.
  • Quantitation
    By measuring reference samples and establish standard curve, to determine unknown samples. Support built-in and customized formulation to establish standard curve.
  • DNA/Protein Determination
    According to the sample type, chose suitable method to determine DNA, RNA and Protein concentration.
  • Wavelength Scanning
    Determine full wave length absorbance and transmission at defined wave length interval, generate and analyze the graph by built-in methods.
  • Customized Methods
    Users can adjust the calculation methods upon own requirement and use it in corresponding determining module.