Automatic Karl Fischer Titrator (KAFI SMART)

This new model of KAFI SMART can perform potentiometric titration including acid-base, redox, precipitation, chelatometric and non-aqueous titrations. Thus applicable to many fields where quality and inspection control, analytical works and R&D activities are demanded and conducted.

The Titration Software for KAFI SMART featuring Electronic Records and Signatures compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, inheriting proven use-friendly.
Today's lean laboratories focus on increasing efficiency while minimizing excessive use of bench space. It is usability concept, you are able to conduct your basic titration analysis from one single Touch.Labindia  Titrators are specially designed for routine applications , potentiometric titration and simple operation.

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Standard Features
  • Advanced Microcontroller based user-friendly, state-of-the-art product design with User interactive software for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.
  • Quick interchangeable imported burette assemblies with intelligent recognition for its volume size. Burette validation factor for dispensing correction is available for true end point volume.
  • System recognizes proper connectivity of other peripherals like Burette, Stirrer, Electrode, Pen Drive etc. Gives indication incase of improper connectivity.
  • Large memory capacity for method storage with suitable scientific parameters having GLP compliance.
  • Sample Name & Identification Number with Date and Time for authentication. Daily Auto Incremented Run number and Factory entered CUSTOMER NAME & Instrument Sr. No. on report printouts make the system foolproof and GLP compliant.
  • Quick monitoring, and automatic neutralization of moisture leak into vessel to keep it ready for next titration.
  • End point delay up to 100 sec for slow moisture releasing samples.
  • On line leak rate correction available.
  • Microcontroller based variable speed, magnetic stirrer with digital indication.
  • Audit Trail for all activities with search facility, report generation and printing.
  • 200 User ID with alphanumeric entries of user name, password and role based privileges selection.
  • User authentication is per formed for each and every operation done by user.
  • PDF report file can be created through print.
  • USB Printing eliminates the need of serial port to connect with instrument The user can take printout on printer via WiFi connectivity.
  • Electronic signature functionality.
  • Manual Archive and Data Backup facility available.