Automatic Titrator

Labindia offer range Titrators is an essential analytical instrument for quality control and chemical analysis. Both Potentiometric Titrators & Karl Fischer Titrators are important laboratory instruments. All Labindia titrators are compact titrators & are capable of detecting multiple equivalence points. Titrator analysis can be tricky. Obtaining good results takes know-how. Whether upgrading from manual titration or already managing complex titrator workflows, our expertise solves problems.

The automatic Titrator is useful for titration types such as Acid base titrations, Non-aqueous titrations, Redox titrations, Argentometric titrations, Precipitation titrations, Complexometric titrations, pH stat titrations, Enzymatic titrations, EDTA titrations, TAN/TBN titrations, diazotization titrations etc. With these facilities it can work as acid base titrator, Redox titrator, Argentometric titrator, Precipitation titrator, Complexometric titrator, pH stat titrator, Enzymatic titrator, EDTA titrator, TAN/TBN titrator, diazotization titrator etc.

It is used in Chemical, Pharma, Dairy, Biotechnology, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Waters, Dyes, Paints, Food & Beverage , oil , distilleries, cosmetics, steel etc.

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Standard Features of Automatic Titrator
  • Imported burette assembly of various sizes (5/10/25 ml) with NIST traceability.
  • Perform all types of titrations including Acid- Base, Non-aq, Redox, Complexometric, Precipitation as well as pH STAT Titrations.
  • Storage Facility for 50 methods.
  • GLP compliant printouts of results, data table, graphs etc. with alphanumeric entries of sample name, titrant name, identification no. & date for report authentication.
  • Auto calculation of results in various selectable units.
  • Can be used as a simple pH meter with display of pH, mV and temperature values.
  • PC Compatibility - Software & built in balance interface.
  • Two-tier password facility (admin and user) to protect stored methods from any misuse or unwanted change.
  • Complies with USP/BP/JP/EP/IP/ASTM standards.
  • Quick & easy interchangeability from titration mode to Karl Fischer titration mode.