Coulometry Karl Fisher Titrator
GR Scientific Coulometry

This rugged coulometric KF titrator sets high standards in versatility and ease of operation for determining water content in liquids, gases, and powders. Ideal for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, petrochem, and coatings analysis.

 A truly flexible instrument displays results in %, ppm, mg/kg, and µg of water. Delayed start, automatic three-fold end point indication (display, print out, or acoustic beep), and four different calculation modes (weight/weight, weight/dilution ratio, volume/density, and volume/volume) accommodate a variety of applications.

Multilanguage display, ten user-programmable methods, and the integral high-speed thermal printer allow for prompt data analysis. Printed results show statistics, data input parameters, sample ID numbers, and time-and-date stamp. Software is included to enable data movement to a PC in spread sheet format.

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Standard Features of Coulometry Karl Fisher Titrator
  • Larger Keypad for ease of use in harsh environments.
  • Built in printer for instant traceable results.
  • Results Manager Data download Software.
  • Conforms to ASTM, DIN, IP, ISO, JIS & AFNOR Standards.
  • Robust Titration Cell and Electrodes, does not require PTFE sleeves or grease.
  • Patented ACE Control system guarantees the correct result.
  • User selectable languages – multi-choice.
  • Easy to use water check button for reagent validation.
  • Supplied with gas tight syringe for accurate sample injection.
  • Available with Aquamax KF Reagent Kits and Standards.