Karl Fischer Titrator KAFI+

Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fisher Titrator KAFI + complies with USP/BP/ASTM standards. There is a online leak correction available to check for any leaks before the run. 50 methods can be stored and the last 10 results can be stored and printed with all the required parameters.

Karl Fischer Titrator is based on variable speed magnetic stirrer with digital indication on back lighted liquid crystal LCD screen. Two tier password facility is given to protect stored methods from any misuse or unwanted change. There is also a PC compatibility software with built in balance interface.

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Karl Fischer Titrator KAFI
Standard Features of Automatic Karl Fischer Titrator (Kafi +)
  • IMPORTED Burette assembly of various sizes. (5/10/25 ml) with NIST traceability.
  • Storage Facility for 50 methods.
  • GLP compliant printouts of results, data table, graphs etc. with alphanumeric entries of sample name, titrant name, identification no. & date for report authentication.
  • PC Compatibility - Software & built in balance interface.
  • Complies with USP/BP/JP/EP/IP/ASTM norms.
  • Last 10 results are stored & can be printed with all parameter details.
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