Cell Counting and Viability Assays

Denovix - Microvolume Spectrophotometer

DeNovix provides a range of reagents and assays for cell counting and viability testing using the CellDrop. The DeNovix® dsDNA Broad Range Assay enables the accurate detection of purified double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) samples with a standard detection range from 2 to 2000 ng total mass in 200 µL volumes. This equates to sample concentrations of 0.1 – 2000 ng/µL when using 1 – 20 µL sample volumes in a 200 µL total assay volume.


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Cell Counting and Viability Assays
Standard Features of Cell Counting and Viability Assays
  • AO/PI Viability Assay for CellDrop FL
  • Acridine Orange
  • Propidium Iodide
  • Yeast Viability Assay Kit
  • Trypan Blue
  • Brightfield Beads
  • Fluorescence Beads
  • DeNovix 20uL Pipette
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