Bioreactor AUX

CIPs Cleaning in Place

Bioreactor AUX engineered to warranty effective and efficient equipment cleaning of your lines, vessels, reactors and process units. Our designed are based on proven engineering solutions (process, equipment and control SW) and we adapt them to specific project and client needs.

Cleaning in an integrated and automated way helps warranty process quality, reproducibility and maintains operation and data control. With our CIPs you will have the security and tranquillity of a complete and traceable cleaning of all your systems, and you will be able to easily configure its operation against process changes or new requirements.

To help you validate your bioprocess our CIPs can be delivered fully compliant with GMP-GAMP5 guidelines. We work in QbD approach, and our services can include DQ, IQ, OQ preparation and support in execution.

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Bioreactor AUX
Auxilliary Vessels
  • For Media Preparation, nutrient and sterile additions.
  • Automated and manual CIPs for pilot and industrial use.