Bioreactor F1

Bioreactor / Fermentor

The F1 series include autoclave bench scale bioreactors/fermenters designed to meet the challenging and widely diverse R&D requirements and small-scale biomolecules production by using microbial and animal cells for biopharmaceutical-, food-, agricultural- and other biotechnological applications.

The F1 bioreactor models combine the highest technological standards of the sector with premium quality and a reduced investment.
Though a serially produced and standardized to combine the highest technological solutions for the common market demands, it is well thought for its expansion and customization towards a range of special requirements. A modular design, that allows for the expansion of hardware and software capabilities in the form of advanced modules that follow the plug and play concept.

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Bioreactor F1
  • Process Development and optimization.
  • Small GMP compliant productions.
Main Configuration
  • Single (1 vessel) and Twin (2 vessels).
  • Microbiology and cell culturing.
  • Fed-batch and perfusion.
  • cGMP version with CFR 21.11.
  • Additional instrumentation widely available.