Bioreactor F2

Bioreactor / Fermentor

The models in the F2 series are the perfect solution for all those seeking for their first Steam In Place (SIP) stainless steel bioreactor/ fermenter for the scaling up of their bioprocesses and for small production applications. They are available in working volumes from 10 to 30 L.

With a professional design and construction, which makes it the reference in the market, it integrates many extraordinary details to offer a user-friendly experience, ready to be easily integrated into your facilities. Providing the possibility to integrate a complete range of instrumentation and actuators, and allowing all kinds of associated control strategies helps to better understand and improve your processes. As all BIONET equipment and projects the F2 can be designed, built and qualified under GMP guidelines to allow the validation of your processes.

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Bioreactor F2
  • Process Development and optimization.
  • Small GMP compliant productions.
Main Configuration
  • Microbiology and cell culturing.
  • Self Steam production version.
  • Fed-batch and perfusion.
  • cGMP version with CFR 21.11.
  • Additional instrumentation widely available.