Real-time PCR

The MyGo Pro real-time PCR instrument provides unmatched performance in a convenient format. Novel Full Spectrum Optics deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube in parallel, with no moving parts, for reliable multiplex PCR. High performance Peltier elements, and solid silver blocks, provide both speed and world leading thermal uniformity. The result is rapid, precise, quantitative PCR and melting point analysis.

PCR is needed for evaluating DNA copy number, viral load, SNP detection, and allelic discrimination.Quantitative PCR is a powerful tool to measure mRNA expression and is the gold standard for microarray gene expression Studies. QRT-PCR use fluorescent dyes such as SYBR Green or DNA probes containing a fluorophore, such as TaqMan, to measure the amount of amplified color product in real time.Used Any Biology Research and Teaching Labs,Medical Research Lab,Specialized Diagnostic Labs (Which do Genome Level Testing)Agro and Seed industries.

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