CEM Microwave Drying System

CEM - Microwave Based Scientific Instruments

The SAM 255™ is a unique instrument for rapidly drying samples up to 1kg in size. It can be used for moisture analysis or as a preparatory step for further analysis. Drying times are reduced from hours to minutes with the precision of a conventional oven method. Almost any material can be dried using microwave energy as the volatile component can be water or a wide range of polar organic compounds. The system also features a unique design avoiding problems with reflected power that prevents complete drying of samples in conventional microwave ovens.


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CEM Microwave Drying System
Standard Features of CEM Microwave Drying System
  • Ultra fast drying of paint/coating drawdowns
  • Fast drying of large sample sizes up to 1kg
  • Simultaneous drying of multiple samples
  • Extremely accurate and repeatible
CEM-Microwave Digestion / Synthesis / Peptide / Extraction