Automated Production Scale Microwave Peptide Synthesizer


The world’s first large-scale automated microwave peptide synthesizer. The Liberty PRO™ allows for fully automated, production scale, microwave peptide synthesis using multiple reaction vessel sizes for a variety of synthetic scales. Batch crude peptides up to 1 kg can be synthesized with a typical cycle time of 15-45 min per amino acid. Easily scale up peptides optimized on the Liberty Blue.

This ensures complete digestions of all kinds of samples such as Environmental analysis ,Material Testing Food Testing,Pharmaceutical Analysis ,Petrochemistry and Standard Test Methods.

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Automated Production Scale Microwave Peptide Synthesizer
Standard Features of CEM Liberty PRO
  • Full cGMP compatibility.
  • 3L, 8L, and 15L reaction vessels.
  • NIST traceable internal temperature control.
  • Dual-mode agitation with mechanical stirring and N2 mixing.
  • Inert, cGMP compliant wetted materials.
CEM-Microwave Digestion / Synthesis / Peptide / Extraction