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Tablet Disintegration DT 1000

Tablet Disintegration DT 1000+

The Tablet Disintegration tester DT 1000+ is the advanced version where the baskets are driven individually and hence two different sets of samples can be run simultaneously. The time for individual tablets can be recorded. External temperature sensors check and display the temperature for each vessels. In Disintegration tester DT 1000+ there is also a provision to identify the position of disintegrated tablets with laser marked numbers on basket assembly.

At the end of the run the baskets automatically park out of the media. 20 methods can be stored with two tiers (Admin and User). Data can be downloaded to a PC or printed via serial port or parallel port.

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Standard Features of Disintegration Tester 1000+
  • Meets current specification of USP, IP, BP and other Pharmacopoeias.
  • In DT1000+, Dual timer (baskets will have individual timer) and dual drive (each basket is driven by individual drive), 20*4 line display with pause and resume functionality to monitor disintegration in between the test.
  • Specifically designed for use in the quality and production control of normal plain coated tablets & gelatin capsules.
  • Programmable Temperature & Time.
  • Molded clear acrylic water bath with illumination for better visibility.
  • Auto Park out facility for basket after run completion.
  • Capability for dual buffer disintegration test.
  • Audible, low water level alarm with indication on display for safety.
  • External temperature sensors available for individual beaker.
  • Provision to identify the position of disintegrated tablet with laser marked numbers on basket assembly.
  • Provision to lock individual tablet disintegration time by using external key board with basket numbers.
  • PC based Data downloading facility using EDC 21 Software over LAN (Optional)
Typical Specification


Sr. No. Parameters Specifications

Sr. No. Parameters Specifications


Dual Drive for 2 baskets with individual timer

Dip Speed

30, ±1 DPM

Stroke length

5.5, ± 0.1 cm

Water bath temperature range

Ambient +5 to 50°C

Water bath temperature accuracy

± 0.2°C

Water bath circulation

Immersion Pump

Beaker volume

1000 ml


 2X6 test positions (10 mesh) USP type A

Fluted Disk

6 numbers in each basket USP type A

Test Mode

Programmable Time up to 99:59 (hr:min)

Display Format 99:59:59


20 X 4 Line back lighted LCD display


Alphanumeric splash water proof polyester soft keys

Output                                 Printer


Parallel Port

PC Connectivity for data downloading

Power Requirement

230VAC / 50 Hz, 275 W

Environmental Operating conditions  

 a)  Operation Indoor

 b)  Temperature Ambient to 45°C

 c)  Humidity 20% to 80%

Dimension (Approx.)

330 X 330 X 580 mm (W X D X H)

Shipping Weight (Approx.)

16 kg.

  • Bolus Basket with 3 Tubes
  • Fluted Discs (For Above) 

LABINDIA reserve the right to change specification without notice as part of its continuous product development.

Tablet Disintegration Tester