DS 14000 with Peristaltic Pump
Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

Dissolution testing is extensively done in the pharmaceutical industry to do the quality control of the drugs and to determine the dissolution rate of the tablets or capsules for drug development.

DS 14000 with Peristaltic Pump is designed as per the specifications recommended by international regulatory bodies, and it is flexible in catering to the future needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The tablet testing apparatus has a vessel configuration of 12+2 (6+1 & 6+1), which helps in the comparative studies of the drugs. The apparatus conducts the testing using two buffers (buffer changing) tending to the application of enteric coating tablets. The DS 14000 with Peristaltic Pump rinses the entire sampling path after each interval in order to eliminate the contamination and carryover effects.

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Standard Features of DS 14000 with Peristaltic Pump
  • Vessel Configuration: DS14000 (12+2 bowl system) available.
  • Advanced, Micro-Controller based User-friendly, complies with current USP, IP& EP specifications.
  • Splash waterproof keyboard Alphanumeric polyester soft keys for keyboard.
  • External vibration free Water Circulator for uniform water circulation, with audible, low water level alarm, with indication on display for safety.
  • Mono shaft design with automatic adjustment for 25 mm depth setting with easy changeover between Apparatus I & II eliminates routine height validation as per USP.
  • Paddles, Baskets and Vessels are laser marked with serial numbers for traceability.
Additional Features of DS 14000 with Peristaltic Pump
  • Facility to perform the dissolution test using two buffers (buffer changing) to cater the application of enteric coating tablets.
  • Facility to RINSE the entire sampling path in between sampling time point to eliminate contamination & carryover.
  • Specially developed cleaning system to clean the entire sampling path after each run.
  • Split & on-time interval.
Intelligent Sampling System
  • Intelligent motorized sampling manifold complies with USP requirements Temperature monitoring system automatically records temperature of all the individual vessels at specified time points.
Peristaltic Pump
  • Bi-directional 12 channel - 24 channel -DS 14000 (12+2 bowl system) peristaltic pump with tubing from ISMATEC, Switzerland.
  • Imported pump with click-n- go Cassette design along with volume calibration through software.
Sample Collection
  • Over Head Design for electronic safety & fail safe operation.
  • Sensor to locate proper position of tray with alarm facility for collection of sample.
  • For DS 14000 (12+2 bowl system) : 12 x 6 x 2 sets of samples can be collected.
  • Option of Test-tubes & 1.5ml / 2ml HPLC vials tray are available.
Dissolution Tester