DS 14000+ with Syringe Pump
Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

The highly efficient design of Labindia Tablet Dissolution Tester DS 14000+ with syringe pump is made up of maintenance-free Stepper motor system. The Inert path of the equipment has Teflon carrier tubing along with the gastight glass syringes with Teflon plunger.

DS 14000+ with Syringe Pump has a vessel configuration of 12+2 (6+1 & 6+1) which is compliant with the current USP, IP, and EP specifications. Clients do have the option of choosing from 1.5 ml and 2 ml vial as per their requirements. The vial of the testing apparatus has been given a wide mouth; this reduces the SLS spill over problem attributable to the foaming characteristics.

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Standard Features of DS 14000+ with Syringe Pump
  • Vessel Configuration: DS14000 (12+2 bowl system) available.
  • Advanced, Micro-Controller based User-friendly, complies with current USP, IP& EPspecifications.
  • Splash waterproof keyboard Alphanumeric polyester soft keys for keyboard.
  • External vibration free Water Circulator for uniform water circulation, with audible, low water level alarm, with indication on display for safety.
  • Mono shaft design with automatic adjustment for 25 mm depth setting with easy changeover between Apparatus I & II eliminates routine height validation as per USP.
  • Paddles, Baskets and Vessels are laser marked with serial numbers for traceability.
Intelligent Sampling System
  • Automated sampling as per USP Specifications. Sampling tubes are lowered in the media only at the time of sampling and withdrawn immediately after sampling, thus no par t of the assembly contributes motion, agitation or vibration (500, 750, 900 & 1000 ml).
  • Sampling tubes are accurately moved to the USP sampling position i.e. a zone mid way between the sur face of media and the top of paddle/basket parameters, not less than 1 cm from the vessels wall as selected in the method.
  • 12 bowls temperature monitoring system automatically measures and records the temperature of individual vessel at specified sample points.
Sample Collection of DS 14000+ with Syringe Pump
  • 12 X 6 X 2 sets of samples can be collected. For more sampling interval, 24 X 6 collection trays are available.
  • Option of 1.5ml & 2ml HPLC vials is available.
  • Over Head Design for electronic safety and fail safe operation.
  • Sensor to locate proper position of tray with alar m facility for collection of sample.
  • Wide mouth vial to minimise SLS spillover problem due to foaming Characteristics.
Syringe Pump For Automatic Dissolution Test Sample Collection
  • Multi-Syringe Pump system designed for automatic Sample Collection from Dissolution Bowls of Labindia Dissolution Test Apparatus Ds14000+.
  • Perform Rinsing the sample tubing path, Replenishing the blank media volume to bowls and Sample Dilution tasks (Optional for future development).
  • Controlled through Labindia dissolution Instr ument Controller with Operation Status Indications on the front panel for user information.
  • Inert fluid path consisting of Teflon carrier tubing, Gastight Glass Syringes with Teflon Plunger and PEEK body Valves.
  • Proprietary high-efficiency and maintenance-free Stepper motor drive system.
  • Long-life 4 port Rotary shear valves with SS Body.
  • Volume accuracy better than 1%.
Dissolution Tester