DS 8000+ with Syringe Pump
Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

Labindia Dissolution Tester: DS 8000+ with syringe pump is designed for efficient volumetric accuracy with 1 million syringe cycles. Separate module for each syringe ensures less downtime of the system and valves made up of PEEK material provides extended life & functioning of the valves. The 6+2 (3+1 & 3+1) vessel configuration comes with Moulded Water Bath which enables comparative studies.

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Standard Features of DS 8000+ with Syringe Pump
  • Vessel Configuration: DS8000 6+2 bowl system.
  • Advanced, Micro-Controller based User-friendly, complies with current USP, IP& EP specifications.
  • Splash waterproof keyboard Alphanumeric polyester soft keys for keyboard.
  • External vibration free Water Circulator for uniform water circulation, with audible, low water level alarm, with indication on display for safety.
  • Mono shaft design with automatic adjustment for 25 mm depth setting with easy changeover between Apparatus I & II eliminates routine height validation as per USP.
  • Paddles, Baskets and Vessels are laser marked with serial numbers for traceability.
Syringe Pump For Automatic Dissolution Test Sample Collection
  • Multi-Syringe Pump system designed for automatic Sample Collection from Dissolution Bowls of Labindia Dissolution Test + Apparatus DS8000.
  • Perform Rinsing the sample tubing path, Replenishing the blank media volume to bowls and Sample Dilution tasks (Optional for future development).
  • Controlled through Labindia dissolution Instrument Controller with Operation Status Indications on the front panel for user information.
  • Inert fluid path consisting of Teflon carrier tubing, Gastight Glass Syringes with Teflon Plunger and PEEK body Valves.
  • Proprietary high-efficiency and maintenance-free Stepper motor drive system. Built in Clean function executed at the end of each test to ensure the entire liquid path is clean for the next r un avoiding cross contamination and carryover effects.
  • Validation protocol to validate the Sample, Replenishing, Rinse Volume.
  • All syringes & valves operated synchronously for parallel operation.
  • Zero setting for each syringe.
  • Long-life 4 port Rotary shear valves with SS Body.
  • Volume accuracy better than 1%.
Intelligent Sampling System
  • Automated sampling as per USP Specifications. Sampling tubes are lowered in the media only at the time of sampling and withdrawn immediately after sampling, thus no part of the assembly contributes motion, agitation or vibration.
  • Sampling tubes are accurately moved to the USP sampling position i.e. a zone mid way between the surface of media and the top of paddle/basket parameters, not less than 1 cm from the vessels wall as selected in the method.
  • 6 vessels temperature monitoring system automatically measures & records the temperature of individual vessel at specified sample points.
C 3000X6 Syringe Pump
  • 4-port Multi-Syringe Pump System performs rinsing the sample tubing path, replenishing the blank media volume to vessels & sample dilution tasks.
  • Volume accuracy better than 1%.
  • Proprietary high efficiency & maintenance free stepper motor drive system.
  • Cross contamination & carryover effects are avoided by the Built in Clean function which ensures entire liquid path is clean for the next run.
Sample Collection
  • 10 X 6 or 16 X 6 sets of samples can be collected. For more sampling interval, 24 X 6 collection trays are available.
  • Option of 1.5ml & 2ml HPLC vial tray is available.
  • Over Head Design for electronic safety and fail safe operation.
  • Sensor to locate proper position of tray with alarm facility for collection of sample.
  • Wide mouth vial to minimise SLS spillover problem due to foaming characteristics.
  • Easy positioning with respect to vials or test tube tray for easy changeover.
Dissolution Tester