Model DVW 1
Dissolution Vessel Washer

One of the time-consuming and unproductive activity after the dissolution testing is the cleaning of the apparatus post-test. On has to be extremely cautious while doing the post-test clean up so that it does not compromise with quality control. LabIndia has developed a set of dissolution vessel washer that will help the lab in getting better output and reduction in their costs as well. Model DVW1 is designed in compliance with the USP 711 specifications.

One of the standard features of this dissolution vessel washer is that the vessels are washed in place; this model cleans six vessels in 5-6 minutes. Washing in place enables increasing the efficiency and productivity in the dissolution lab as the dissolution vessel washer saves considerable time. This dissolution vessel washer is compatible with all the dissolution vessel; hence it helps cost savings.

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Standard Features of Multi Vessel Washer: Model DVW 1
  • In-Place Clean-up.
  • Washes 6 Vessels in 5-6 Minutes.
  • Validation Compliance as per USP 711.
  • Qualification Documents Available.
  • Fits All Dissolution Vessel.
  • Fully Mobile.
  • Nozzles available for washing of Vessel/Bath/Tank.
  • Breakage of Vessel Greatly Reduced.
Dissolution Vessel Washer