Dissolution Vessel Washer DVW 1

Dissolution Vessel Washer

One of the time-consuming and an essential quality control activity after conducting the dissolution testing is the cleaning of the apparatus. Extreme caution needs to be taken while carrying out the post-test clean-up, as it has to be ensured that there is no contamination and thereby reducing the dissolution test failures. Labindia has developed a set of in-place dissolution vessel washer that will help the laboratories in cleaning the vessels without removing it from the machine, this helps in greatly reducing the breakage.
In-place clean-up is one of the standard features of Model DVW1 dissolution vessel washer. This model cleans six vessels within 5-6 minutes. Washing in-place increases the efficiency and productivity in the dissolution laboratory, as a considerable amount of time gets saved by the use of this dissolution vessel washer. This dissolution vessel washer is compatible with all the dissolution vessel, hence it helps cost savings.

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 Dissolution Vessel Washer DVW 1
Standard Features of Multi Vessel Washer: Model DVW 1
  • In-Place Clean-up.
  • Washes 6 Vessels in 5-6 Minutes.
  • Qualification Documents Available.
  • Fits All Dissolution Vessel.
  • Fully Mobile.
  • Nozzles available for washing of Vessel/Bath/Tank.
  • Breakage of Vessel Greatly Reduced.
Dissolution Vessel Washer