Dissolution Vessel Washer DVW 2

Dissolution Vessel Washer

It is imperative to clean-up the apparatus thoroughly after conducting dissolution testing in order to avoid contamination and carryover. Cleaning the dissolution vessel is time-intensive and involves an extensive process of removing the parts of equipment, draining, cleaning and reassembling it for conducting more dissolution testing. Taking into consideration the tedious vessel cleaning process, Labindia has developed Model DVW2 Dissolution Vessel Washer that fits all the dissolution vessels. The model has in-place cleaning features that ensure that there is minimum breakage of the vessel and therefore improving the cost performance.
This dissolution vessel washer cleans six vessels in less than two minutes, i.e. three vessels at a time. The nozzles of this dissolution vessel washer operate independently or simultaneously as per the need, that contributes in saving a considerable amount of time of the lab technicians. This fully mobile in-place dissolution tester ensures that the productivity and efficiency in the laboratory are increased considerably.

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Dissolution Vessel Washer DVW 2
Standard Features of Multi Vessel Washer: Model DVW 2
  • In-Place Clean-up.
  • Washes 6 Vessels in less than 2 Minutes (3 Vessels at a time).
  • Qualification Documents Available.
  • Nozzles operate simultaneously or independently.
  • Fits All Dissolution Vessel.
  • Fully Mobile.
  • Nozzles available for washing of Vessel/Bath/Tank.
  • Breakage of Vessel Greatly Reduced.
Dissolution Vessel Washer