Model DVW 2
Dissolution Vessel Washer

In-Place Cleaning.
Reduce Breakage.
Save Time.

Dissolution vessel clean-up is a tedious and time consuming task but one that is critical for quality control and drug discovery.Customers employing our fully-mobile, in place multi-vessel washer essentially eliminate the need to remove,drain,clean and reposition dissolution vessels.

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Standard Features of Multi Vessel Washer: Model DVW 2
  • In-Place Clean-up.
  • Washes 6 Vessels in less than 2 Minutes (3 Vessels at a time).
  • Validation Compliance as per USP 711.
  • Qualification Documents Available.
  • Nozzles operate simultaneously or independently.
  • Fits All Dissolution Vessel.
  • Fully Mobile.
  • Nozzles available for washing of Vessel/Bath/Tank.
  • Breakage of Vessel Greatly Reduced.
Dissolution Vessel Washer