Tablet 12 Carousel (TH 1050 S)
Tablet Hardness Tester

Testing the hardness of the tablet is an essential quality control process in the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping the importance of this process in mind LabIndia has been manufacturing 12 Carousel (TH 1050 S) which is amongst their range of tablet hardness testers.
This tablet hardness tester has 12 position carousels, which measures the thickness, length/diameter and hardness of the tablets automatically. LabIndia has designed built-in sweeping blades in the 12 Carousel (TH 1050 S) for removing the broken pieces, debris and dust that accumulates during the testing. For the sake of safety, a two-tier method of editing and validation is required to be performed by the admin and the user. Through this tablet hardness tester, it is possible to perform a continuous automatic run of up to 1-99 tablets that helps in saving a considerable amount of time of the researcher.

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Standard Features of 12 Carousel (TH 1050S)
  • Advance Micro-controller based user-friendly state-of-the-art product design with alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys for keyboard. User interactive software in dialogue mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.
  • 12 Position Carousal for Automatic measurement of tablet parameters - Thickness, Length/Diameter & Hardness. The built in Sweeping blades cleans the tablet path for removal of broken pieces, debris & dust.
  • Non-Volatile memory storage of 99 methods with parameters with Alphanumeric entries of Sample Name and Identification Number for authentication.
  • Automatic run can be performed continuously up to 1-99 tablets. Run can be restarted on power failure.
  • Linear Displacement 0.8mm/sec with fast advance and return movement of breaking arm saves runtime.
  • Daily Auto Incremented Run Number and Factory entered CUSTOMER NAME with Instrument Serial Number on report system foolproof and GLP complaint.
  • Two Tier – a] ADMIN, and b] USER password protection for method editing and Validation. 10 Users can set with Name and password.
  • Built-in Real Time Clock [RTC] for date and time display and on printout.
  • Ethernet Connectivity by RE01 Module and EDC80 Data capture Software (Optional)
  • Quick RUN for Thickness, Length & Hardness or all parameter measurement in sequence up to 25 sample tablets with GLP information.
Tablet Hardness Tester