Hardness Tester TH 1050 S+
Tablet Hardness Tester, Portable Hardness Tester

Solid tablets are possibly the most often used form of dosage for pharmaceuticals. Tablet hardness acts as a basis to direct the development of product and as a quality-control stipulation. Tablets ought not to be too soft or too hard. Tablet hardness testing is a laboratory method which is applied to measure the breaking point of a tablet. The procedure is an essential aspect of medicine production.

Tablet hardness testing makes sure that solid tablets are hard enough to sustain mechanical strains during various situations like storage and packaging, delivery and handling by the user, among others.

Tablet hardness - sometimes also referred to as tablet breaking force (USP <1217>) or resistance to crushing strength (Ph. Eur. 2.9.8) - measures the mechanical integrity of a tablet. Preferred choice of leading Pharmaceutical companies in R&D, QC, and IPC all over the world.

Tablet hardness tester is ideally suited for the pharmaceutical ,food ,detergent, dairy, animal feed ,Pesticides and any other industry that requires Compressed Tablets.

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Standard Features
  • Advance Micro-controller based user-friendly state-of-the-art product design with alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys for keyboard.
  • User interactive software in dialogue mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.
  • 4 Line X 40 char Wide Display with white backlight.
  • 12 Position Carousal for Automatic transfer of tablet to measurement location. Simultaneous measurement of parameter - Thickness, Length/Diameter & Hardness. Facility for Width measurement and Automatic Tablet Weight transfer.
  • The built in Sweeper blades for removal of broken pieces, debris & dust from the tablet path.
  • Groove for better positioning oblong shape sample tablets.
  • Non-Volatile memory storage - 99 methods/ recipes having parameters with easy scroll.
  • Alphanumeric entries of Sample Name and Identification/Batch Number for authentication.
  • Automatic run can be performed continuously up to 1-100 tablets. Run can be restarted in case of interruption due to power failure.
  • Linear Displacement Method with selectable speed 0.4 to 3.2mm/sec
  • Fast Advance and Return movement of breaking arm saves test run time.
  • Daily Auto Incremented Run Number for authentication of each test run.
  • Factory entered CUSTOMER NAME & Instrument Serial Number on Print report data -makes system foolproof and GLP complaint.
  • Two Tier Password protection for System Operation a] ADMIN, and b] USER. Protection for Date & Time, Method Editing and Validation.
  • 50 Users ID memory having User Name and password with easy scroll.
  • Built-in Real Time Clock [RTC] for date and time
Hardness Tester