VARISPIN 15R - Multi Purpose Centrifuge

Refrigerated multi purpose centrifuge with large capacity and a variety of rotor options. Wide Range of Application, Easy Touch Controller, A Variety of Tubes Applicable, Refrigerator and Fast Cool Function, Biocontainment Rotor/Bucket Option.

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Standard Features of VARISPIN 15R
  • Various rotor options for multiple purposes in different users.
  • User-friendly 4.3” full color touch LCD controller.
  • All set points are visible at a glance and setting is easy.
  • Various sizes of tube are available from 0.2ml to 750ml.
  • Proper tube adaptors are selectable.
  • Pre-cooling before use is available so that user can minimize the risk of degradation of thermal sensitive samples.
  • 4? at maximum speed is ensured.
  • Option for handling hazardous materials, aerosol-tightness is ensured through this option.